Kernel University is accredited by the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and School (TRACS).

Kernel University offers a variety degree programs such as Bachelor of Science in Business & Administration, Bachelor of Theology, Master of Divinity, or Doctor of Ministry. This site will be a comprehensive support system to uplift your educational journey!

Bachelor of Theology

The B.Th. curriculum is designed to train students for a variety of ministry opportunities in local churches and other settings. Students enroll for personal development and to more effectively engage in a variety of volunteer ministries.

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Master of Divinity

The M.Div. curriculum is designed to prepare students for the pastoral leadership role in the local church and other settings (although we recognize that some students enroll for personal enrichment and to more effectively engage in a variety of ministries). 

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Doctor of Ministry

We provide Doctor of Ministry program for balanced development for pastors and Christian leaders to achieve their goals. Together we will advance the globalization of the gospel and the urgent needs of ministry at home and abroad.

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Bachelor of Science in Business & Administration

Bachelor of Science in Business & Administration program provides students with a practical and professional field of Business and Administration with basic general education and Economics.

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Why choose

Kernel Online

Strong Foundation

Our program provides students with a foundation for the study of theology by incorporating both basic courses in humanities and theological disciplines.

Equipped with Professional Resources

Professional development as demonstrated on alumni surveys by professional and volunteer work in students’ fields of study.

Interactive Learning

We encourage you to interact with peers, have discussions over the course content, & collaborate over projects by facilitating networking with our faculties.


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