Kernel University’s Bachelor of Science in Business & Administration program provides students with a practical and professional field of Business and Administration with basic general education and Economics. The BSBA. curriculum is designed to train students for a variety of job opportunities in various kind of companies and other settings.  Some students enroll for personal development and to more effectively engage in a variety of professional settings.


General Studies: 42 credits (12 subjects)

EC 110 College English I (Grammar)        
EC 120 College English II (Composition)        
EC 210 Oral  Communication        
EC 220 Intercultural Communication

HS 110 Introduction to Philosophy        
HS 120 Introduction to Sociology        
HS 130 Introduction to Psychology        
HS 210 Introduction to Ethics        
HS 220 Introduction to Humanities 

TS 110 College Algebra        
TS 120 Introduction to Business        
TS 130 Introduction to Economics        
TS 210 Introduction to Computer and IT       
TS 220 Health and Nutrition Sciences  

Majors: 60 units

PM 310 Introduction to Bible

PM 410 Christian Apologetics

CM 310 Principles of Management (Pre. TS 120)        
CM 320 Principles of Economics (Pre. TS 130)        
CM 330 Organizational Behavior        
CM 340 Marketing Management              
CM 350 Financial Management
CM 360 Management Sciences (Pre. TS 210)
CM 370 Business Statistics (Pre. TS 110)
CM 380 Strategic Management  

AM 310 Principles of Accounting
AM 320 Principles of International Business
AM 410 Principles of Microeconomics (Pre. CM 310)
AM 412 Principles of Macroeconomics (Pre. CM 310)
AM 420 Human Resources Management (Pre. CM 330)
AM 430 Marketing Research (Pre. CM 340)
AM 440 Investment Management (Pre. CM 350)
AM 450 Operations Research (Pre. CM 360)
AM 460 Management Information Systems
AM 470 Business Law and Ethics

EM 410 Leadership and Motivation (Pre. CM 330)
EM 420 Consumer Behavior (Pre. CM 340)
EM 422 Advertising and Promotion
EM 430 Corporate Finance (Pre. CM 350)
EM 440 Project Management
EM 450 Franchise Management
EM 460 Venture Management
EM 470 e-Commerce Management
EM 480 Small Business Management
EM 490 Global Entrepreneurship